Swing Time


The unseen part of the game that leads to success, satisfaction, and self-confidence.


Because overcoming mental hang-ups is a skill that must be mastered

It will become his competitive advantage

Athletes Approach aims to equip parents with knowledge, insight, and perspective needed to cultivate the mindset their son needs to play with confidence, freedom, and have fun.

The same mental skills needed to overcome a mistake in the game, will be the same mental skills needed to overcome in life



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Did your son struggle last year?  Was it hard for you to see him experience success at one point then watch him become more and more frustrated as the season progressed?  Maybe you tried everything you could think of:

  • Taping his at-bats

  • Private coaching

  • Encouraging him

  • Practicing with him

  • Reminded him how much you love him and are proud of him

Still, nothing seemed to work.

You simply want to know that you’re doing everything you can and should to help your kid develop to perform to his potential, and it’s hard on you to see him down and frustrated.


This year you want his experience to be different. 

You want to see him playing with confidence again. 

If this describes you and your concerns, let’s talk.

I’m offering complimentary 15-minute one-on-one conversations. 

Two things I will not do on our call:

  1. Lecture you about your parenting.  Rest assured, you are probably doing more things right and well than bad and I am in no way qualified to dissect your parenting in 15-minutes, nor is that the goal of our conversation.

  2. Sell you on a coaching program or to buy anything.  In no way will this conversation turn into a sale’s pitch.  I want to offer you as much value as I can to help you, without obligation. 

What I do have that will help you is knowledge about the game and mindset that can provide you with perspective to help guide you through the process of helping your son master his mindset. 

There are things you can do to help him prepare mentally and train his mindset, and you may discover some ideas that will be beneficial to you.

And I’d love to hear back from you via email or have a brief 5-minute follow-up call to let me know if what I shared with you was helpful…That’s it!

Do you need help making important decisions? Contact me today and let me put you back on track.


15-minute complimentary call with

Founder, Steve Young

Rancho Cucamonga, CA




“I’ve known Steve for over 10 years.  Over the years, he has given invaluable mindset coaching to myself, coaches, and players I’ve worked with, as well as their parents.  Steve’s wisdom, gained through his elite education and successful playing career, combined with his compassion and strong communication skills, gives him a unique ability to understand and assist athletes, coaches, and parents at every level.  I can say that I would not have been able to thrive in the ever changing coaching arena without Steve’s mentorship.”

Paul Weissenstein
Former Big 10 Strength Coach
Sierra Canyon H.S. Strength Coach